Adult Only Taekwon-Do Classes


Martial Arts for Adults aged 15 years +

Struggling to get fit without getting bored? Or do you feel like it is time to take yourself to the next level?


Do you wish you could...


  • Get back into shape as you are feeling fed up that none of your clothes look good on you anymore?

  • Build or even rebuild your confidence because you are sick and tired of people walking all over you?

  • Or are you someone that worries about what you would do if you found yourself at night being confronted by an aggressor?


Congratulations! By coming to this page you have just given yourself the keys to open a door to a much larger world.  A world of possibilities where you can get into better health than when you were younger, to have unwavering confidence in yourself so that nothing can stop you in life and the ability to not just protect yourself but also to protect your family too in any conflict.


We understand that starting something new can be difficult and scary. Students often worry about the unknown or what to expect.


“Will I be able to do this?”

“Will I get hurt?”

“Am I fit enough”

“Will I look stupid?”


If you have thought any of these then you are exactly like 95% of all our other adult students, which is why we have classes just for adult beginners like you.  Our adult’s classes are designed with you and your safety in mind: they are also friendly, fun and if you lack motivation then our experienced instructors will motivate you when you feel like giving up and will inspire you to achieve more.


There are many people who take up the martial arts with us in their 30’s, 40’s, and even 50’s and go on to become awesome black belts.


There is an old proverb which reads “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear” so if you feel like you are ready to open up the door to a new world of feeling fitter, healthier, stronger and more confident then we would love to give you a free weeks trial on our program so you can see just how amazing this is going to be for you.

"I've been three times now and I've really enjoyed it. The other members are lovely and Chris is a great teacher. He knows his stuff but is also incredibly patient. Would recommend for total beginners and those with two left feet like me but also for those who have a bit more experience as he clearly know his stuff!"


~Leanne S~

"I have really been enjoying Taekwon-Do and I'm not young or fit. I'm a middle aged desk dweller who has evolved padding and a slow metabolic rate perfect for sitting in front of a PC all day without moving. Yet, I'm having a fantastic time in a martial arts class! This is because the lessons, the moves, the exercise is tailored to what you can do. I've seen improvement in a very short space of time and it's spurred me on to go to gym more often because I now have a reason to get fit. I want to improve at Taekwon-Do. Joining Kicks has been a fantastic catalyst for my own self improvement. It's really worth a try!"


~Ivan D~

Hurry though as we are only able to accept a certain number of new students on our adults only program as we want to make sure that we can help them to achieve their goals in training with us.  Still hesitant? Ask yourself this question – “If I were to start Taekwon-Do, where would my life be in 12 months’ time?” Then imagine where your life will be if you DON’T start!


To get your free weeks trail. Please click the link above.


We look forward to welcoming you into the Kick Taekwon-Do Academy Team soon.


All Grades 8pm-9pm

Tickford Park Primary School, Avon Close, Newport Pagnell, MK16 9DH.



All Grades 8pm-9pm

Cedar Primary School, Bury Street, Newport Pagnell, MK16 0DT.


Private Tuition


Available by special arrangement with your Instructor.

Classes held at Cedar Primary School, Bury Street, MK16 0DT.  Newport Pagnell Youth Club, Wolverton Road, MK16 8HX & Tickford Park Primary School, Avon Close, MK16 9DH.

(Venues & Maps)


For more information and to book your place, please contact Chris Clarke on 07739 321585

or by email at

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