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At Kicks Taekwon-Do Academy we understand that not all ladies want to participate in a formal martial arts class.  We also understand that you still want to feel safe and know how to defend yourself.


That is why our 6 week ladies self defence course was designed, to give you the basic skill necessary to defend yourself. During your course you will learn about the legalities of defending yourself. You will learn how to be aware of your surroundings to keep yourself safe. You will also learn self defence techniques in case of an attack.

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Each course is limited to 16 participants to make sure that you get the best experience possible.  All participants will receive a course completion certificate.


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I really enjoyed this six week course. The classes are well executed and Chris is an excellent teacher. It’s a really good method of teaching to repeat some of the moves each week from previous sessions as it helps to embed your learning making responses more natural and fluid. It’s also good to cover off some of the legal aspects of self-defence and what you can do in certain circumstances. I would happily sign up for an advanced/further course should Chris decide to run one in the future.


~Maxine F~

UKGT ITF Taekwondo Martial Arts Classes in Newort Pagnell & Milon Keynes


07739 321585


Venues & Maps

Cedar Primary School, Bury Street, MK16 0DT

Newport Pagnell Youth Club, Wolverton Road, MK16 8HX

Tickford Park Primary School, Avon Close, MK16 9DH


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